The Victim Experience: A Horror Attraction Where You’re Kidnapped, Tortured, And Terrorized  

April A Taylor
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The Victim Experience by the Freakling Bros. joins an ever-expanding list of extreme haunted houses that utilize extensive waivers to permit voluntary torture. Much like the infamous and creepy haunted houses McKamey Manor and Blackout, The Victim Experience seeks to push participants to their psychological and physical limits. Because the experience only lasts an average of 30 minutes, this acts as a great starting point for people who wish to discover if they could withstand eight hours of torture at McKamey Manor. To get through an experience like those put on by Freakling Bros. without using any haunted house safe words requires a ton of bravery and a willingness to subjugate your body to physical and sexual assault.

The Victim Experience provides a personalized haunted house which completely changes annually and incorporates minor tweaks for each ticket holder. Only eight people per night may enter this haunted house in Nevada, and everyone must face their fears alone. Tickets cost $295 per victim in 2017, but this rarely ever prevents the show from selling out almost a month in advance. Every participant must sign a waiver and a non-disclosure agreement. Despite this, previous victims leaked some of the most insane details and spoilers.   

The 'Experience' Includes Both Verbal And Sexual Abuse

If you desire to undergo an experience that combines elements of recruitment training, sexual assault, and your worst high school bully, the Freakling Bros. have you covered. The actors working the Victim Experience unleash a continual stream of verbal abuse to start, launching lewd comments and nefarious statements in your direction whether you want them or not. But because Freakling goes the full nine yards, several instances of simulated - and not-so-simulated - sexual assault also occur. Though the simulated parts leave you untouched, there's nothing simulated about a dildo forced down your throat

Victims Face Repeated Electric Shocks

If you have a pacemaker or any other medical device or condition that doesn't pair well with electric shocks, the Victim Experience may not be for you. Every ticket holder can and will receive repeated electric shocks, including from an electrified fence and an object similar to a stun gun. At certain points, you will find yourself tied up, held in place, and shocked on your bare skin while your head gets forced into a plastic bag. This leaves behind telltale scorch marks that take weeks to fully heal. The electrocution portion of the haunt doesn't just happen in one area, either; willing victims can expect to face these shocks several times during their haunt tour.  

Sex Toys Get Shoved Down Throats

The Victim Experience's website makes it clear participants face simulated sexual assault along with verbal and physical abuse. Several previous participants report getting a dildo shoved down their throats multiple times during the experience. One former victim characterized the first part of the haunt as comparable to "being sold into the sex slave industry." A male victim reported having a bloody dildo shoved in and out of his mouth, and remarks the experience is harder for men to make it through. Even worse, actors forced him to pretend that he wanted a bloody sex toy in his throat.    

Getting A Black Eye Is All Part Of The Ride

Does the idea of letting someone slap you silly get your adrenaline going? Here, getting punched, suffocated, slapped, and gagged is a typical part of the show that can lead to numerous wounds. If you care little for physical abuse, you should avoid the Victim Experience. At least one previous victim reported leaving with a black eye. Therefore, before you buy a ticket, consider whether or not you really want to pay someone hundreds of dollars to physically abuse you.