Children Who Grew Up In Nudist Families Describe What It Was Like

Naturism is a movement dedicated to practicing nudity in a variety of social contexts. For some this means feeling comfortable without covering in their own home; for others, it means attending resorts and events in which they can be bare with other people. Many adherents stress that not wearing clothing is a non-sexual state of being, and in naturist communites there is great emphasis placed on making sure everyone is comfortable. There are even codified sets of rules unique to every community to ensure nobody's boundaries are crossed.

They may choose to raise their children with the practice. Often it is a choice for the child, and families may wish to set rules to make sure everyone is comfortable. Former children of these communities have taken to Reddit to share their stories, and we've collected some of the best ones in this list. From embarassing anecdotes to feelings on body image to the mechanics of keeping your neighbors from spying, it's all here.