Hacks Only Netflix Experts Know To Use  

Donn Saylor
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If you think there's only one way to Netflix, you're in for a whole new experience next time you fire up the world's largest streaming service. As experts will tell you, there's a whole world of Netflix tips and tricks including add-ons, shortcuts, and well-concealed gems that take your viewing to the next level. While the home screen may look pretty basic and one-size-fits-all, it's really anything but.

Fortunately, a little ingenuity and know-how are all that's necessary to soup up your Netflix account. From unearthing hidden Netflix categories to obtaining the sharpest image quality available, there are tons of ingenious little workarounds you won't find in the Netflix FAQ. What's more, most Netflix hacks don't require any special technical prowess. If you can use a computer, you can take advantage of the best possible Netflix experience. 

Next time you embark on a no-holds-barred binge of the best TV on Netflix, you'll be doing it with style. 

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Use Hidden Category Codes To Find Content Beyond What Netflix Suggests

Netflix bases the programming it suggests to you on the programming you've previously watched. If you haven't watched a particular genre before, you won't know if Netflix carries any content that falls in that category unless you search for a specific program title.

However, Netflix actually has a vast system of genres and subgenres and you can access them all by using hidden codes. These codes will take you beyond the few lines of suggestions Netflix splashes across your home screen. To utilize a specific code, type www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX into your browser address bar, substituting the code for the Xs. The Telegraph has a full list of codes; a few select include:

  • Dark Comedies: 869    
  • Campy Movies: 1252      
  • Cult Horror Movies: 10944
  • Experimental Movies: 11079
  • Quirky Romance: 36103        
  • Tearjerkers: 6384
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Selectively Delete Your Viewing History

It's no secret Netflix uses a specially-designed algorithm to show you the kind of content it thinks you want to see. But what if you were feeling frisky one night and watched that very saucy French movie about the amorous piano teacher and her randy student? Or what if you accidentally watched the Gus Van Sant remake of Psycho instead of the original Hitchcock classic?

One wrong click and your Netflix recommendations are flooded with similar movies to The Piano Teacher and Psycho (1998). To skirt this issue, go to the Viewing Activity section of Netflix's website and click on the little cross-out icon at the end of the row of the title you want to eradicate from your viewing history.

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Volunteer To Test New Features Before Anyone Else

Want to be a part of Netflix's Next Big Thing? Opt-in to take part in their A/B Testing program. This will allow you to test out certain functions before they're officially released (or not released) to the public. Go to your Account Settings to access "Test Participation," then toggle the off-switch into the on position.

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Fix Buffering By Going To The Shift + Ctrl + Option/Alt + S Menu

Few things in life are as maddening as being wrapped up in a good movie or TV show only to have connectivity issues break up the flow of the action. Next time this happens, press Shift + Control + Option/Alt + S and a secret menu will pop up.

Choose a lower number from the center column labeled "Video Bitrate," then click "Override." You're reducing the quality of the streaming content to make it less demanding on your bandwidth and therefore easier to stream.

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