Brilliant Life Hacks That No Longer Do Any Hacking  

Lowe Saddler
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It's always incredibly exhilarating to score a great deal. However, it's even more satisfying to discover a life hack that repeatedly earns you free stuff. If you see the opportunity to scam a major company, what's stopping you from cashing in on corporate weakness?

Aside from damaging your moral compass, the only bad thing about hacks that get you deals is that they are almost always time sensitive. People used to be able to get tons of free craft samples from Amazon, but then the shipping conglomerate realized that shoppers were using carpet samples for cat construction projects, and promptly closed the loophole. 

Even after they expire, life hacks can still be useful, as they can inspire new ideas that let you score great deals. The clever contributors on Reddit have pooled their knowledge of bygone life hacks, and you won't believe how much free stuff they've accumulated. 

Get Free Microsoft Word For Five Years

From Redditor /u/Keatonbehm:

"I used to set the time forward five years and start a free 30-day trial for Adobe and MS Office programs, then set it back and have a free 5-year-30-day trial, but it's all synched online now."

Buy The Office Dinner, Expense The Meal, Then Fly For Free

From Redditor /u/-eDgAR-

"At my last office job there was this girl who always stayed pretty late. She would go around the office asking who was staying late and if they wanted to order dinner. She would place the order on her credit card and then later expense the company for the dinners. She racked up a lot if airline miles doing this."

File For Bankruptcy To Get Rid Of Student Debt

From Redditor /u/watchthehustle

"Long ago in the US, filling for bankruptcy cleared student loan debt. This was since outlawed."

Get Crafty And Turn A Free Brownie Into A Free Party Platter

From Redditor /u/BangkokMillionaire:  

"A certain bbq chain had a birthday club that would send you a free item via email. The email was a word document that was easily changeable. So instead of winning a brownie, you could change it to a huge party platter, as long as you had the correct code. 'I just stopped in to claim this birthday thing. Oh I won a party platter? Great, I'm going to a party.'"