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What's Going On With These Confusing Time Jumps In Attack On Titan Season 2?

Updated September 15, 2017 15.6k views15 items

Four long years after the first season premiered, Season Two of Attack on Titan finally hits the screens! While anime similar to Attack on Titan have tided most fans over, nothing beats hearing that epic opening song by Linked Horizon. But with the scouts split into several factions after Titans are sighted within Wall Rose, the story has become increasingly non-linear, and some fans have been finding the time skips and constant flashbacks a little tricky to follow.

Whilst readers of the manga (that is considerably further ahead in the timeline) are more accustomed to these dramatic jumps back and forth, anime-exclusive fans might benefit from this chronological explanation of what's going on in Attack on Titan Season Two, from Episode One to Episode Eight. 

CAUTION: This list contains spoilers. 

  • Episode Three: Eleven Hours After The First Titan Sighting Within Wall Rose

    Eleven hours after the initial Titan spotting within Wall Rose, night has fallen, and #TeamGelgar and #TeamNanaba cross paths, discovering that neither team could find any sign of the breach that should exist in the wall. The plot thickens! Exhausted, both teams decide to have a sleepover in the nearby Utgard Castle. 

    Now, the show is finally done filling fans in on what happened within those twelve hours of the initial Titan spotting and the report being delivered to Trost. It jumps between the different groups with time rolling along normally. Hange, with the group that leaves Trost, works out the walls must be made up of huge Titans and Pastor Nick reveals there is someone in the Regiment who can confirm the truth about the walls. Titans attack Utgard, and Levi continues to disappointingly not get enough screen time. 

  • Episode Four Begins Before The End Of Episode Three

    But wait! Time is still tangled up. Episode Four, "Soldier," kicks off two hours earlier than where Episode Three ended. Basically, just before the Abnormal Titan gang start attacking Utgard Castle.

    This was most likely done to balance a dramatic ending without skimping on some quiet time to develop characters, though it is a bit jarring. #TeamGelgar and #TeamNanaba settle in for much-earned drinks, safe in the castle (or so they think). While the senior officers are chilling upstairs, the new recruits assure Conny that they will find the missing villagers of his hometown and muse on how weird it is that there hasn't been much Titan activity. Then - luckily enough - there's lot's of Titan activity!

  • Episode Five Flashes Back Years Ago To The Cadets' Training Days

    Episode Five, "Historia," is the most infamous yet for confusing time skips. Before Ymir's shocking revelation that she prefers women and that she's also a Titan, she reminds Christa of a promise they made. Episode Five basically travels back into their shared history to tell fans what that promise is.

    Years ago, during the 104th Cadet Corps winter training, Ymir, Christa, and an unconscious Daz have fallen way behind the other Cadets. Hopelessly trapped in a blizzard on a mountain, Ymir suddenly realizes that Christa means to die heroically while trying to save Daz. 

  • Episode Five: More Flashbacks Within Flashbacks (Still Keeping Up?)

    In an effort to convince Christa that life is worth living, Ymir tells her that she knows about her secret past. Suddenly, the show plunges further down the flashback rabbit hole. Cue Inception music. 

    So, to make sure it's all straight: within the flashback about a promise made in cadet training, there's another flashback about Ymir and Christa before they were even cadets. Prior to joining the Regiment, Ymir recalls her time skulking around Order Of The Wall churches, where she happened to overhear hushed discussions pertaining to the life of a nobleman's illegitimate daughter. After compassionately deciding not to murder a little girl, the Order decide to give her a new name and send her off to join the Cadets instead. This illegitimate daughter turns out to be Christa.