Bygone Disneyland Rides, Ranked By Most Missed

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Find yourself missing the Mickey’s Toontown Jolly Trolley? Did you get a chance to ride the Rocket Rods before they were removed? Vote up a favorite extinct attraction from yesteryear. 

  • PeopleMover
    94 votes

    The Tomorrowland attraction debuted at Disneyland on July 2, 1967. A gentle ride that took guests on a leisure tour of the park, the vehicle moved its last group of people on August 21, 1995.

  • Before Nemo and his gang took it over, the original Submarine Voyage featured seadragons, mermaids, and sunkern treasure galore. Original opened in June 14, 1959, the sub ride took guests under the sea for almost 40 years.

  • Skyway


    87 votes

    Opening on June 23, 1956, this gondola lift attraction took guests sky high from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, through the Matterhorn Bobsleds.  After almost 40 years, the skyway transit was officially closed on November 9, 1994.

  • Carousel of Progress

    Carousel of Progress

    77 votes

    Originally debuted at the 1965 New York World’s Fair, the Carousel of Progress would later open in Tomorrowland on July 2, 1967. It was eventually moved to Disney World on Sept. 9, 1973.

  • Mike Fink Keel Boats

    Mike Fink Keel Boats

    47 votes

    Debuting on Christmas 1955, the adorable little boats took guests up and down the Rivers of America for almost 40 years. 

  • Adventure Thru Inner Space

    Adventure Thru Inner Space

    61 votes

    "Have I reached the universe of the molecule?" Opening on August 5, 1967 in Tomorrowland, this science-based attraction would "shrink" guests to the size of molecule. The ride closed in 1985.