This Woman Made Silly Webcomics About Her Cat, And Now It's Her Full-Time Job

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An artist in New Zealand created an extraordinary webcomic that examines daily life in a cute, zany, and sometimes dark way. Talented Li Chen created the Extra-Ordinary comic in 2008 while she pursued a degree in architecture. The comic features her cat, Shoelace, as well as her partner, Jordan.

Chen's website received around 45,000 visitors a day in 2014. The artist has stated that her biggest challenge is coming up with new jokes and ideas every week, but all of her work is consistently clever. Li Chen bases her comics on daily interactions and puts a unique spin on them, making them wildly popular.

Chen has anthologized her comics in books, which she sells through her website. Like other artists that create dark cartoons and comics, Chen gets her inspiration from everywhere and acknowledges that she can craft her art anywhere.