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Extreme Historical Hobbies That Sound Made-Up - But Aren’t

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The ancient hobbies of years gone by are fascinating and fraught with interesting facts that many of us might not know today. People of the past didn’t have the modern luxuries most of the developed world has now, so for entertainment, a fair amount of imagination had to be invoked. Bizarre and outrageous hobbies arose during the time of ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, 19th-century Victorian England, and even during the 1950s in America. 

From Victorian mummy unwrapping parties, macabre 19th-century Parisian visits to the morgue, and even Egyptians taming cheetahs, throughout history, there have been more than the odd hobby or two. The fame of a few ancient hobbies has carried over into the 21st century, with many of them still being enacted in today’s modern times. Let’s take a look at some of the truly bizarre hobbies that sound made up but aren’t.