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Believe it or not, extreme body modification has been happening since the dawn of civilization. Different tribes from across the world have scarred their bodies with various tattoos and piercings in an effort to show that they were brave, could take pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm. But in the modern era, extreme body mods have taken on a completely different meaning.

Men and women are able to get piercings and tattoos at the drop of a hat, so the practitioners of extreme body piercing have had to branch out further in to set themselves apart from all the squares who decided to gauge their ears after seeing a Hawthorne Heights music video. If you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself for this list of the most extreme body modifications ever.

Extreme body modifications have taken on many forms in recent years. From getting patterned facial scarring, to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a children’s toy, and even installing microchips in your body to better communicate with technology, people all over the world are taking body modification and applying to their own truths. Even though it might seem a bit strange now, it’s entirely possible than in a couple of decades, extreme piercing, and body modifications might be the normal standard of beauty.

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Ladies Are Getting Elf Ears

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Photo: Melynda Moon/Facebook

A body modification that really took off after the Lord of the Rings films was having your ears shaved into points at the top to give the impression that you're a creature of the elven variety. Out of all the extreme body modifications on this list, elf ears might be the one that's the creepiest. 

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Crocodile Scarification

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Photo: Pinterest
Papua New Guinea is a place full of curious tribal customs, but the most painful custom is that of crocodile scarification. Traditionally, the young men of the tribe are inflicted with hundreds of deep cuts in cascading patterns down their backs, arms, chest and buttocks to give their skin the look and feel of a crocodile’s body. All of this work is done with a sliver of bamboo. 
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Sudanese Body Scarification

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Photo:  Steve Evans/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0
The scars carved across the faces and bodies of Ethiopian and Sudanese tribe members are some of the most painful types of scarification known to man. Many of the markings are etched onto the tribe's members bodies at a young age, and they're done so without any anesthetic. If the receiver shows any signs of pain, they'll be seen as weak. Many of the women of the tribe see the scars as an ability to cope with pain and a sign that they will be able to cope with childbirth in future.
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The Vampire Woman Of Mexico

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Photo: María José Cristerna Mendez/Facebook

María José Cristerna, or the Vampire Woman, is a former lawyer and current mother of four who also happens to hold the world record for the woman with the most body modifications. She has a collection of transdermal implants on her forehead, chest, and arms, as well as all the piercings.