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The Most Dangerous Locations That People Have Actually Tried To Visit

Updated 19 Jun 2020 121.9k views12 items

Many people may go to Disneyland or a national park for a vacation, but only the most adventurous will take a chance going to one of the world's most dangerous places to visit. While plenty of areas in the world are notoriously dangerous due to crime and war, other locations are known for their natural dangers, including volcanoes, deserts, and jungles filled with toxic insects. Visiting these places may not top most people's bucket lists, and for good reason, because some of these "extreme tourism" vacation spots have claimed a number of lives. Some are so hazardous, countries have banned people from entering them.

Found in Russia, Africa, South America, and all around the world, dangerous locations are often as beautiful as they are deadly. Everyone knows places like the top of Mount Everest and the middle of Australia's Outback can be perilous, but plenty of other dangerous locations are not as obvious. Although tour companies often take advantage of a location's reputation to attract tourists, it's probably better for people to stay away. When considering an active volcano or freezing mountaintop as a vacation spot, sometimes it's better to choose Disneyland. 

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