'The X-Files' Episodes That Made Us Say "Ewwww"

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Vote up the 'X-Files' episodes that still surprisingly twisted and graphic, even when viewed decades later.

In the 1990s The X-Files brought horror out of the theater and into living rooms. The series pushed the envelope on many occasions, but the most controversial X-Files episodes aren't just milquetoast scary or freaky. They leave scars. Arguably the most extreme X-Files episode was banned from airing for years.

Some of the most horrifying, gross, and nausea-inducing episodes of The X-Files combine the body horror of David Cronenberg films with the kind of supernatural scares for which the show is best known. These episodes twist human and inhuman bodies into a myriad of disgusting forms, pushinig the viewer into horrifying worlds that are just a shade different than our own. More than anything, they make viewers' stomachs churn.