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14 Television Shows That Put Insane Amounts Of Effort Into Tiny Details

Making a really good, detailed TV show requires a cast and crew to put in a massive amount of effort to ensure that the final product is as close to perfection as possible. However, some go above and beyond the standard amount of (tons of) work, going to extreme lengths and putting in an incredible amount of effort to create television shows that demonstrate meticulous attention to areas or aspects that most viewers will never even notice.

While this may seem like a waste of time and energy, it's actually a trait that the best directors, writers, and producers have in common. They are the people who are completely obsessed with tiny little details that many people simply would not bother with, ensuring that everything is as accurate as humanly possible. This can lead to television shows that have had an immense amount of work put into little details that helps to elevate them above most other series that are on air.