Weirdly Interesting This Woman Meets And Hugs The Man Who Received Her Dead Husband's Face In A Miraculous Transplant  

Mick Jacobs

When a person dies, their loved ones only ever see their face again in old photos and videos. But in this emotional video, widow Lilly Ross gets to see her late husband's face once again, all because someone else has need of it.

Ross's widow's visage actually ended up on Andy Sandness, who needed a face transplant after a botched suicide attempt. In a sad coincidence, Ross's widow took his own life.

Sandness became the first person in Wyoming to receive a face transplant from the Mayo Clinic. Now thanks to modern medical technology, Sandness has a new face and Ross gets to see her high school sweetheart once again. 

When both Sandness and Ross meet after his surgery, you can't help but choke up a little bit. Watch their emotional reunion below.