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20 Funniest Reactions To Ben Affleck Being Cast as Batman

On August 22, 2013, it was announced that Ben Affleck - yes, Ben Affleck - was cast as the next Batman and, as usual, the internet exploded. These are the greatest hits.

After almost a decade of high-quality, Oscar-nominated Batman films, we're going into a world where Zack Snyder's action-fest Superman reboot Man of Steel is not only getting a sequel even though it got relatively poor reviews, but it will also include a new Batman. And just to make sure that not a single nerd will sleep for the next two years, they cast Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. This is a thing that's actually  happened. 

These are the funniest memes about Ben Affleck being the new Batman. The best internet reactions make it to the front pages, as the best items are voted to the top by the audience, so make sure to vote on what you think are the best funny Ben Affleck Batman tweets, reactions, Reddit posts, and more.  

Very few people were on Oscar winner Ben Affleck's side, but mostly everyone at least had something to say about Ben Affleck being cast in the Man of Steel sequel as Batman.

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    BATMAN, Everybody! (And Now We Confuse EVERYBODY'S Grandma!)

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    Confession Bear Admits It

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    Maybe They WILL, Dan Casey!


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    Whoa. Now Maybe They Will... Woah.

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