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Things You Maybe Didn't Want To Know About Adult Babies

Updated January 24, 2020 88.1k views12 items

When you think about the phrase "adult baby," what flashes through your head? Facts about adult babies describe a misunderstood community. What does it mean to be an adult baby? What are they into, aside from the obvious? And is there a reason why fetishes like this crop up?

The things you didn't know about adult babies could fit in a ten-gallon diaper. The members of this world live a normal life outside of acting like babies, and the things that attract them to being infantilized are likely totally different than what you might expect. At the end of the day, adult babies are just people - albeit people with a unique perspective on the world.

  • Some Adult Babies Are Into Humiliation

    Many ABDLs are just into relaxing in their diapers, but some littles prefer humiliation. A little named Roy described his fetish to Vice:

    There's no bigger turn-on than sh*tting yourself in public. I love putting on a nappy, going down the supermarket, and sh*tting myself in front of everyone... It's the humiliation I like. I reckon most people are into it, if they're honest. Sh*tting themselves.

  • Many Littles Want A Feeling Of Safety

    MTV's True Life: I’m an Adult Baby chronicles multiple adult babies, including Robert, a 22-year-old man who was still grieving the passing of his father. His biggest comfort as an adult baby was a room full of stuffed animals that simply made him feel comfortable. Robert described it as " something that makes me feel safe ... where nobody or nothing can really hurt me, I guess you could say."

  • There Are Baby Sitters For Adult Babies

    Let's say you're an adult baby, and you need someone to watch you for the evening. Who do you call? It can be tedious to find a baby sitter for an adult, and if the sitter isn't adept at taking care of littles, then you might end up in a whole heap of trouble. Luckily, there's a directory of sitters for adult babies, and even if you can't find an in-person baby sitter, there are "phone mommies" who charge per minute.

  • Adult Babies Have Their Own Fetish Dungeons

    ABDLs have their own dungeons, or rather "nurseries," which are adult-only. In Liverpool, Mummy Maxine and her husband Derek Ventham, an adult baby, run a nursery where you can visit for £75 an hour. For an extra £25, you can get a "messy change."

    Mummy Maxine claims that a third of her clients are men under 25 years old, and that there's no sexual activity allowed. She explained the nursery to The Mirror:

    We get people from all walks of life. We get same-sex couples, male and female couples. I even have one client whose personal assistant makes the appointments for him, he’s very successful and has a lot of people work under him - so it helps him relax.