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15 Extremely Bizarre Things Most People Don't Know About Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock, one of history's most famous directors, made such classics as Psycho, Rear Window, and Vertigo during his 50-year career (just check out our list of the best Hitchcock films for more). He also wrote a few screenplays you may have heard of. Despite his longevity and consistent excellence, Hitchcock never won a Best Director Academy Award, though he was nominated five times. On set, he was known as a controlling man with a macabre sense of humor who created carefully detailed sets and inspired his actors' performances with odd acts of manipulation and cruelty.

The son of a devoutly Catholic greengrocer, Hitchcock grew up fearing authority. This gave the Master of Suspense a perfectionist work ethic, which is responsible for some of the strange stories of Alfred Hitchcock included here. The director used his fears to expose those of the audience, addressing everything from being attacked by vicious birds to getting spied on by a neighbor or attacked by a lunatic at a motel. Even while playing with his audience's fears, Hitchcock had a coy smile on his face. In fact, the annals of Alfred Hitchcock quotes include a comment made to Ingrid Bergman: “It’s only a movie.”

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