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What's Going On With Allison Mack?

Updated 14 Jun 2019 10.2k views16 items

Allison Mack, an actress previously most known for her roles on shows like Smallville and Wilfred, has been permanently linked to NXIVM, an alleged sex cult for which she reportedly worked as a recruiter.

According to allegations, Mack enlisted women into the group under the guise of female empowerment. Mack and the group's leader, Keith Raniere, then branded these women in their pelvic area, put them on 300-calorie per day diets, deprived them of sleep, and sometimes filmed them while they slept naked. 

Prior to her involvement in NXIVM, facts about Mack were fairly typical of any Hollywood star. Mack started working as an actress from a young age and dabbled in both film and TV. Even during her time with NXIVM, she was still working in front of the camera and posting frequently on social media.

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