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Shocking Facts About Amy Lynn Bradley, The Woman Who Disappeared At Sea

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On March 24, 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley went missing from a cruise ship en route to Curacao from Aruba. Although the disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley did not initially generate the same media response precipitated by other cruise ship disappearances, over time, the baffling circumstances of her case and repeated accounts of her being sighted throughout the Caribbean have elevated the mystery surrounding her fate to a high-profile incident.

Additionally, a sinister photograph, purportedly of Amy, surfaced on a maturely themed website in 2005 and added fuel to the theory that the missing woman was forced to sell her body. Around 20 years after her mysterious disappearance, theories about what happened to Amy Lynn Bradley only add to the uncertainty and dread surrounding one of the most disturbing missing person cases in history.

  • Amy Bradley Left Her Family's Stateroom And Was Never Seen Again

    On March 23, 1998, Ron and Iva Bradley, their 23-year-old daughter, Amy, and their son, Brad, were enjoying their third day on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas. As the ship docked in Curacao after visiting Aruba, the family attended a dinner party on the upper deck of the ship. Amy and Brad both danced until the early morning hours, and Amy was seen dancing with a band member on a ship disco dance floor. However, both Brad and Amy entered their stateroom between 3:30 and 4 am.

    Ron Bradley would recall seeing his daughter in a chair on the room's balcony when he briefly woke up at approximately 5 am. When he woke up again around 6 am, Amy was gone, the only missing items were her cigarettes and a lighter. She clearly intended to leave briefly, as she did not even bring shoes, identification, or any other important items with her. Her family never saw her again.   

  • A 2005 Website Photograph Showed Someone Similar To Amy

    Since her disappearance in 1998, there have been several alleged sightings of Amy Lynn Bradley. The most disturbing was a 2005 email sent to the Bradley family website, which contained two photographs of a woman. These photographs were observed by a member of an organization that attempts to track potential victims on sites that feature sex workers.

    The photos depict a scantily clad woman who closely resembles Amy but who also appears to be both distraught and despondent. One of these photos was seen publicly when the Bradley family appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

  • A US Serviceman Claims To Have Encountered Amy In A Brothel

    Another disturbing sighting occurred in January 1999, when a Navy Petty Officer claimed to have encountered Amy in a hotel brothel in Curacao. Recognizing him as an American, Amy supposedly told the individual her name, said that she was being held against her will, and asked for help.

    Unfortunately, the officer kept the information to himself, fearing the repercussions that would come with his solicitation of a sex worker. He only contacted the Bradleys through their website after his retirement.

  • A Band Member May Have Been Involved In Amy's Abduction

    After dinner on the evening of March 23, Amy Bradley entered the disco of the ship and was observed dancing continuously with a member of a band that was performing on the ship. This individual, Alister "Yellow" Douglas, and Amy were even videotaped repeatedly by a cameraperson producing a promotional piece for the cruise line. Footage surfaced when the video producer heard about Amy's disappearance and assumed she must be in some of the video from the evening in question.

    After Amy left her room, she was seen near the disco with Douglas at approximately 6 am. A witness would subsequently claim to have seen Douglas hand Bradley a dark drink, possibly coffee. Other witnesses saw Douglas leaving the area by himself, but Amy was never seen again. Police eventually cleared Douglas after a polygraph but before the FBI got a hold of the disco video.