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Ariana Grande Dropped 'Dangerous Woman Diaries' Giving Fans An Inside Look At Her Life On Tour

Ariana Grande can’t stop. On November 28, 2018 the “thank u, next” singer announced the release of a new docuseries called Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries. To sweeten the pot, the first episode dropped for free the next day on November 29, and Grande superfans even have the option of subscribing to YouTube Premium to check out the whole series at once. 

The four part series follows Grande across the world on her Dangerous Woman Tour and into the studio for the recording of her massive album Sweetener. It promises to bring fans into Grande's inner circle, showing viewers the Grande only her close friends know. Judging from the first episode, it’s safe to say Grande really opens up about her off-stage life and creative process. 

  • Grande Knows How Bad You Want To See The Doc

    Video: YouTube

    Throughout the VHS throwback trailer for Dangerous Woman Diaries, footage from Grande's concerts are juxtaposed with clips of the star and her friends chatting about the project.

    First, Grande pointedly asks, "Where's the tour movie?" A few seconds later someone wonders, "Why are you doing this project?" To get things rolling, the text at the start of the trailer quotes Grande's tweet from July 2018 that explained, "It ain't a movie. Issa docuseries." 

  • The Episodes Differ In Length, Adding Up To Over 90 Minutes In Total


    In a Twitter post, Alfredo Flores - who directed the documentary series - said each episode differs in length from 27-38 minutes. That means the series is going to end up being a feature length documentary once all the episodes are released. It's a pretty cool idea, and it gives the project a more organic feeling than if it were obligatorily chopped into four 25-minute segments.

  • The Idea For The Doc Came About During The Final Stop On Grande's Tour

    According to director Alfredo Flores, the documentary came about in a surprisingly natural fashion on the final stop of Grande's tour. 

    Initially, the two were recording backstage footage and super short clips for the internet. However, when they realized how much footage they had accumulated, they decided to turn it into a full-blown documentary.

  • One Full Episode Covers The Recording Of 'Sweetener'


    According to series director Alfredo Flores, three of the four episodes cover the Dangerous Woman Tour, while the recording of Sweetener is condensed into the the other episode.

    The Sweetener episode features Pharell and takes viewers into the studio, giving them a fly on the wall view of what Grande's recording sessions are like. Aside from showing the recording of her post-tour album, viewers get to go behind the scenes for a few of Grande's music videos and catch the rehearsal for her MTV Music Video Awards performance.

    The most fascinating part of the episode is getting to see Grande's grandmother backstage at the VMAs; it's a moment that fans can't miss.