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Disturbing And Fascinating Facts About Australian Cannibal Katherine Knight

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In February 2000, Katherine Knight - a mother of four - stabbed her long-term boyfriend, John Price, in the home the couple had shared in New South Wales. She impaled him approximately 37 times while he was asleep, then used her skills as an abattoir to remove his skin. She dismembered his body and used parts in a dinner recipe. Reportedly, she intended to serve the meal to Price’s adult children. Knights actions shocked Australia, and many drew comparisons between her and some of the most prolific cannibal killers

In October 2001, Australia’s Supreme Court sentenced Knight to life without parole. Knight’s sentence was unprecedented in Australia at the time, making her the first female killer down under to receive no possibility of parole.

  • She Said She Had Amnesia And Didn't Remember Killing, Skinning, And Cooking Price

    When Price failed to show up for work on March 1, 2000, his supervisor sent someone to the home he shared with Knight to check on his well-being. Price's co-worker immediately noticed blood on the house's front door, so he contacted law enforcement. When officers arrived at the Aberdeen home, they forced the door open.

    In the house, officials also discovered Knight in a coma-like state after taking pills in an effort to end her own life. The authorities rushed Knight to the hospital for medical treatment, and she eventually recovered. When investigators asked Knight why she killed her boyfriend, she initially claimed she had no recollection of the events that took place the night before.

  • Price Feared For His Life

    Just prior to killing her boyfriend on February 29, 2000, Knight impaled Price in the chest, an assault that had caused him to kick his girlfriend out of the home they shared in Aberdeen. Reportedly, Knight had a documented history of domestic violence. Fearing she would harm him again, Price went to a magistrate's court on the morning of his murder and got a restraining order to keep Knight away from him and his children. 

    Later that day, Price told his co-workers he was afraid of his girlfriend, even stating that if he didn't come in to work the next day, it would probably be because Knight had killed him.

  • She Had A History Of Violence

    In 1974, Knight married her first husband, David Kellett. She later hit him in the head with a frying pan, fracturing his skull, because he came home late one night. After Kellett left Knight in August 1976, Knight convinced a neighbor and her 16-year-old daughter to give her a ride, claiming she needed to take her infant, Melissa Ann, to the hospital for medical treatment.

    Once inside the vehicle, Knight pulled a knife on the woman and her daughter, demanding that they take her to find her estranged husband in Queensland. A struggle ensued, and Knight ended up slashing the woman underneath her eye, an incident that resulted in Knight spending time in a psychiatric hospital.

  • She Killed A Former Boyfriend's Puppy

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    After her marriage to her first husband ended, Knight met David Saunders in 1986 and the couple quickly moved in together. However, like with her past and future relationships, Knight became violent and jealous shortly after they started dating. During their reportedly tumultuous relationship, Knight impaled Saunders with scissors and hit him with an iron - causing him to require stitches and suffer broken ribs. She later killed his two-month-old dingo puppy.

    While Knight later said she cut the puppy’s throat with a knife because Saunders had punched her in the stomach while she was pregnant, Saunders claimed she hurt the baby dingo simply to upset him.

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