Welcome To The Unicorn Cafe: A Rainbow Fantasy In The Middle Of Bangkok

The Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, is what you didn't even know your Instagram was missing. The pictures of the Unicorn Cafe say it all — it's a sugary-sweet fantasy land, covered in rainbows and dripping in kawaii. With bright murals, crystal chandeliers, and of course, unicorns everywhere, the cafe capitalizes off of the recent pop culture obsession with these fantastic beasts. 

And what would a unicorn-themed cafe be without unicorn food? Their menu proffers a creative batch of dishes done up in proper unicorn style, with tons of rainbow colors, sweet drinks, and burgers with horns made of French fries.  

This is your personal guide inside the Unicorn Cafe, including everything unicorn lovers need to convince them to book a flight to Thailand right this minute. But be warned — this little restaurant can cause sensory overload faster than you can say "unicorn onesie."

  • The Decor Is A Manic Lisa Frank-Esque Dream

    The Unicorn Cafe has succeeded in making people feel as though they have just walked through a door into a fantasy land. The walls and ceiling are completely covered with cartoon unicorn murals in bright colors, and the room is filled with plush furniture in pearly pastels. A large statue of a unicorn greets you at the door, and the finishing touches are the gorgeous crystal chandeliers — straight out of a romantic daydream. All of the bright, eye-popping elements come together to create the feeling that guests have stepped into a cloud of sugar and dreams — "a pastel explosion fashioned by Lisa Frank on her most manic day," according to Cosmopolitan.

  • The Cafe Follows A Tradition Of Asian Cosplay Cafes, With A Thai Twist


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    Asia has a passion for unique and interesting cafes. In Japan, cosplay cafes are elaborately decorated restaurants with a specific theme: think maids, vampires, or Alice in Wonderland. They create a unique experience for the guest, transporting them to a fantasy world. Thailand has its own out-of-the-ordinary eateries; Bangkok is home to not just the Unicorn Cafe, but also a Siberian Husky cafe, cat cafes, and a fox cafe.

  • Dress Like A Unicorn, Eat Like A Unicorn


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    Just in case the decorations, food, and drinks weren't enough unicorn power, guests can take the experience one step further. The cafe provides unicorn onesies, which can be worn during your meal. They make the experience more interactive, and provide even more fodder for those Instagram accounts. This is cosplay possibly at its most fantastic.

  • It's One Of The Most Insta-Worthy Locations In Bangkok, Beloved By Travelers


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  • The Rainbow Crepe Cake Is The Star Of The Show


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  • Their Desserts Are Legendary Fantasies


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    If there's one cuisine for which the Unicorn Cafe is known, it has to be their gorgeous desserts. From the Rainbow Crepe Cake to tie-dyed macaroons, there are plenty of sweets in the dessert case to keep everyone happy. The level of detail and intricacy of design even within each menu item is pretty stunning, with a heavy focus on making sure the colors are perfect.