Entertainment Bella Thorne Is The Marilyn Manson Of The Disney Channel And We Are Living For It  

Rebecca Shortall
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Bella Thorne is as weird as she is amazing. The former Disney star has managed to shake off the clean-cut image the House of Mouse needs its teen stars to embody, and no longer hesitates to let her freak flag fly. Let's check out some things you didn't know about Bella Thorne, so you can begin to wrap your head around the way she's living her post-Disney truth.  

Stories about Bella Thorne run the gamut: she's made some interesting acting choices, dated some slightly out-of-left-field folks, garnered a staggering social media following, and came out as bisexual in a manner that allowed her to control her own narrative. She's clapped back at slut-shaming, and has taken no sh*t from Internet trolls. What's not to like about Bella Thorne?  

She Became A Disney Star To Avoid Homelessness
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Photo:  Disney Channel

Thorne shared her motivation for taking her role on Disney's Shake it Up on the MTV podcast Happy Sad Confused. She confessed that she wasn't entirely enthused about the prospect of working on a Disney series, but roles on more prestige television shows like Big Love just weren't paying the bills:  

"We were about to live physically on the street if I didn't have that role, […] We were living off Stouffer's coupons, and that's all we had to eat every day. That may not sound like a big deal to everybody, but when you're a single mom raising four kids with debt and you have nothing to your name, it's f*cking sh*tty." 

She Came Out As Bisexual On Social Media

When Thorne came out as bisexual on Twitter in August 2016, she was simply answering a fan's question. Rumors regarding her sexuality began circulating when Thorne posted a lot of romantic looking Snapchats of her and Bella Pendergast. These piqued the interest of some fans, leading Thorne to come out in a totally casual and chill way.  

Thorne spoke to Paper magazine about her decision to just come out on social media, saying:  

"I didn't want to glamorize it. The reason why I did it is for other people's benefits that have the same insecurity that I had. And that's why I'm doing it. When you do it in a certain way, you just glamorize it so much it's not easy for kids to relate to. Like a kid could easily write on their Twitter to all their best friends that they're bisexual and come out like that." 

She Wore A Suit Covered In Lewd Images To A Premiere
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Photo:  Netflix

Bella Thorne loves a bold fashion choice. She showed off this unique look at the premiere of her Netflix original movie The Babysitter, rolling down the red carpet in a suit covered in erotic cartoon characters. 

It's not immediately evident at first; that black and white print could be any old random photos. But look a little closer and you'll see the drawings of d*cks and slew of profanities written on the sleeve.  

She Shut Down Perez Hilton

Bella Thorne will not have the likes of Perez Hilton attempting to slut-shame her. She will not stand for that! The beef started when Hilton posted a picture of Thorne on Twitter in which her underboob is visible, and captioned it "fill in the blank."

One of Thorne's fans clocked this and called out Perez, tweeting (a now deleted tweet) "Remember when @ThePerezHilton pledged to be kinder? But he's still out here trying to pass his body shaming and insults as 'opinions' #fake," which prompted Bella Thorne to also tweet Perez, "You know I love you p but I think it's kinda rude to use the pic my shirt is riding up." Take that, Perez Hilton.