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Facts About Breatharianism - The Belief That You Can Live Without Food Or Water

Living without food or water may sound absurd to some people, but for a group known as breatharians, this is how they attempt to exist. They believe everything a human body needs to survive is contained in the energy that surrounds it, and largely abstain from food and sometimes liquids. But breatharianism is not a diet, though it has been used as a weight loss technique. To its followers, breatharianism is a way of life.

There are probably many things you didn't know about breatharianism - like, for instance, that the idea is also known as "inedia," from the Latin for "fasting." It's worth noting that fasting is a component of many different religions. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, among others, all support specialized diets and periods of abstaining from food. However, not eating to support a belief in breatharianism is a fast without an end in sight.

Learning facts about breatharianism can also expose its dark side. Many people compare its teachings to that of a cult. And breatharians can suffer physical as well as mental harm - there are dangerous consequences to not eating.