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Nauseating Facts About Joe "The Cannibal" Metheny, Who Sold His Victims As Burgers

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In 1996,  Joe "The Cannibal" Metheny joined the ranks of serial killers who decided to serve their victims' bodies to people in food. He claimed to have killed several women, dismembered their bodies, and then fed the human meat to his customers at his small BBQ pit stand, turning everyone into unintentional cannibals. Metheny also worked as a truck driver and confessed that his first murder was motivated by the actions of his girlfriend, who abandoned their child because she was a drug addict. He kept killing from that point onward, and ended up with around nine victims - or so he claims.

Joe Roy Metheny - an urban legend come to life - was born in 1955 and grew up to became one of several killers who sold human meat as food in the early 1990s. Approximately 20 years into serving two life sentences, Metheny was found dead in his cell in August 2018.

  • He Claimed To Have Killed Two Unidentified Prostitutes And A Fisherman

    Photo: UAJamie1 / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The same night that he killed two homeless men, Metheny also went on to kill two prostitutes - luring them under a bridge and murdering them with the same axe he had used on the two men. A nearby fisherman, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, was then spotted by Metheny and was promptly killed as well.

    He then tossed all three bodies into a nearby river and placed rocks on top of them so that they wouldn't float to the surface. No evidence of them has ever been found.

  • He Spent A Year And A Half In Prison For Murder Before Killing Again

    Photo: Melissa Robison / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    In 1994, Metheny was arrested and spent a year and a half in the Baltimore County Jail. He had been charged with the murder of the two homeless men that he chopped up and left under a bridge. He was denied bail, and had to sit in prison until his trial. However, due to a lack of evidence, he wound up getting away with the crime and was released from jail.

  • The Police Only Caught Him Because One Of His Victims Escaped

    Photo: Ruin Raider / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    His last victim, Rita Kemper, was lucky. She was working as a prostitute in 1996 when Metheny kidnapped her and forced her into his trailer. He was gearing up to kill her, but she managed to get away, scaling an eight-foot-tall chain link fence as she fled. Kemper went straight to the authorities who, thankfully, believed her. Metheny was arrested for multiple murders shortly thereafter and confessed to all of his evil deeds.

  • No One Is Sure When He Actually Began His Murder Spree

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    It's hard to tell the fact from fiction in Metheny's confession. Some news reports state that his first killings took place in 1994, while he has claimed that his serial murder spree actually began in 1976. The number of victims that he admits to have killed frequently changes as well. His known body count stands at nine, but there could be more, as he's bragged about killing others.

    He also claimed to have fed human meat to the customers of his small BBQ stand, but that could just be the talk of a madman.