Graveyard Shift

10 Facts About Colma, California, AKA 'The City Of The Dead'

Colma, CA, has an interesting distinction - it is a cemetery city made for dead San Franciscans. This city of the dead emerged when the land that had previously been reserved for burials became increasingly valuable in the Golden Gate City, and as a result further burials there were banned.

This silent city has 1,000 times more dead inhabitants than living, and hundreds of thousands of corpses were even moved to the city after being evicted from their San Francisco resting places. Cemeteries in Colma are now home to some of the most famous names in American history as well as tens of thousands of people who have been lost in its mass graves. 

This city owes its existence to the timeless problem faced by San Francisco: the need for space. Even long-time living residents of the city are being slowly driven out of their homes by dead interlopers looking to displace them. Yet, Colma remains the highly sought-after destination for San Francisco's most well-regarded corpses.