Facts About The Cybertron Origin Story
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Facts About The Cybertron Origin Story

The home planet of all Transformers, Cybertron, fails to fall into an easy categorization. Is it planet or Autobot, big or small, nearby or in a far off galaxy? Considering all the confusing bits of mythology and canon surrounding the planet, straightforward facts about Cybertron are invaluable.

The Transformers timeline covers a vast fictional universe, one that continues to spawn some incredible stories - and a huge assortment of inventive toys. The Autobots and Decepticons have reentered modern pop culture thanks to a few action-packed films. As a result, kids and adults of all ages have garnered a newfound interest in stories surrounding the Transformers' home world. Brush up on your knowledge or take a crash course in some Transformers lore by learning the history of the planet Cybertron.

  • Cybertron Is In Alpha Centauri (Probably)

    Cybertron Is In Alpha Centauri (Probably)
    Photo: Transformers / Paramount Pictures

    No map leads directly to Cybertron. Its location within the vast regions of space has remained nebulous throughout its storied history, though the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron confirms it resides within the star system of Alpha Centauri.

    Others point to its location somewhere else in the Milky Way Galaxy, possibly near Shaula.

  • Cybertron Is Also An Autobot

    The creator of the Transformer universe, Primus, actually turned himself into the planet Cybertron to provide a home for the Transformers. Primus imprisoned himself and his archrival twin, Unicron, in asteroids at the end of an epic battle; his asteroid eventually became home to the Transformer race, while Unicron's became a planet-eating entity.

    Though a few different origin stories exist, one fact remains the same: Primus lies inside Cybertron, and he's not just along for the ride. Primus is intent on saving the universe from Unicron's nefarious plans, and he uses the Autobots to achieve his goal. 

  • Cybertron Moves On Its Own, But Can Also Be Steered

    Cybertron Moves On Its Own, But Can Also Be Steered
    Photo: Transformers: The Last Knight / Paramount Pictures

    During Transformers: The Last Knight, Quintessa steers Cybertron to Earth in order to drain the planet of all energy. A misguided power play that's foiled by Optimus Prime and crew, Quintessa's plan still manages to give Cybertron enough energy to rebuild.

    As it turns out, Cybertron is a planet that comes with perks. Unlike every other planet bound by gravity to a central star, Cybertron moves of its own accord. As both a sentient being and a planet, it comes as no surprise that Cybertron bends the rules.

  • Demonic Entities Are Imprisoned Within Cybertron

    In an attempt to create a habitable world for Primus's soldiers, his energy forced the original inhabitants of Cybertron, Demons (more recently rechristened Primordials), into the depths of the planet. Demons are taller in height than your standard Transformer, and not at all pleased to be imprisoned on their own planet. Capable of both withstanding and absorbing various forms of energy, Demons use this ability to feed on Transformers, though too much energy absorption will result in them combusting.

    As for their origins, some creators say Demons provided the precursor to all-powerful entities like Primus, while others say they simply inhabited Cybertron from the beginning. Since they occupy few storylines, the world may never know. 

  • Primus Isn't The Only Autobot Inside Cybertron

    Slumbering deep within Cybertron's core, Primus has some company in the Last Autobot. Primus created the Last Autobot, gave it some of his powers, and put it to sleep deep within Cybertron. After Primus's passing, Optimus Prime wanders the planet on his own. He finds the Last Autobot at the core of Cybertron, and the ancient warrior provides much needed aid in the fight against the Decepticons. 

    The discovery comes just in time, too, as the Last Autobot helps resurrect all the fallen Autobots from a major conflict.

  • Cybertron's Size Changes Depending On The Storyline

    Cybertron's Size Changes Depending On The Storyline
    Photo: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon / Paramount Pictures

    The myriad Transformers storylines are rarely consistent, and the size of Cybertron follows suit. Transformers: Animated portrays Cybertron as approximately the size of the Moon, while Transformers: Dark of the Moon shows the planet as much larger than Earth.

    Then again, based on the shape-shifting nature of this entire universe, it does make sense that a planet with transformation capabilities might fluctuate in size and shape.