There Are Different Types Of Angels - And Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Them
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There Are Different Types Of Angels - And Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Them

Any generic idea of angels usually includes images of winged beings wearing flowing robes, watching over people, and delivering messages from God. But while celestial folk play a big part in the Christian religion, there are many different types of angels, and not all are connected to a Christian God or any other authoritative spiritual being. According to folklore, angels are defined more by their relationships with humans.

Stories of angels and similar celestial beings also appear in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the mythologies of Norway and Greece. Any beings with the ability to travel through the spiritual and human worlds and use their skills to send messages, help others, or protect those in need can be considered angels. And unlike the most horrible demons, they're generally good-natured and kind. Whether they're protecting the Earth, keeping a human company, or helping people along on their spiritual journeys, angels do a lot more than pray and play the harp.

  • Sterling Angels Want Everyone To Be Happy
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    Sterling Angels Want Everyone To Be Happy

    Sterling angels are fun-loving and easygoing, with upbeat personalities that can help remove negativity and stress. Sterling angels appear in many different forms - human, animal, insect, shadow, light, and more - to inspire and energize their human companions.

    Because their primary goal is to make life happy, exciting, and full, their abilities include bringing good fortune, enhancing psychic powers, and removing curses. Upbeat music keeps Sterling angels happy. Their outgoing, spontaneous, and social nature makes them excellent companions.

  • Enochian Angels Have Special Skills
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    Enochian Angels Have Special Skills

    In the late 1500s, mathematician and astrologer Dr. John Dee and alchemist Edward Kelley claimed they spoke with angels who had been in contact with the prophet Enoch long ago. According to Dee and Kelley, the angels shared the celestial secret to visiting other realms. The men wrote down what they learned and their text later became the basis for Enochian magic. 

    Enochian angels each have special skills and personalities. For example, Gabriel, ruler of fire, can help humans remove the negative and unnecessary and rebuild the good in their lives. Ophaniel, ruler of the Moon, helps people hone their powers of introspection. Galgalliel, ruler of the Sun, leads people to truth and enlightenment.

  • Devas Watch Over The Earth
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    Devas Watch Over The Earth

    Although devas are slightly different in Buddhism and Hinduism, both religions recognize them as celestial beings. According to some stories, they are humans who have attained enlightenment and now exist in a realm outside the human world.

    Today, devas are recognized more as spirits of nature, appearing to humans skilled in clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. Their job is to protect the Earth, and each is assigned to watch over one element of nature. Devas work with humans to complete their duties, and although they can become upset over people's lack of respect for the planet, they are willing to remain partners. To those who share their ideals, devas pass along information, advice about gardening, and other tips for helping and protecting nature.

  • Anamchara Support Spiritual Newbies
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    Anamchara Support Spiritual Newbies

    Anamchara are Celtic angels whose name roughly translates to "soul friends." They are wonderful companions, especially for people new to spirituality. Anamchara provide guidance, offer support, and supply positive energy to their human friends. Their kind nature, patience, and wisdom make them some of the best angels to have on your side.

    Anamchara can take any form, and typically appear in natural settings, such as lakeshores or wooded areas. 

  • Valkyries Protect Warriors
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    Valkyries Protect Warriors

    In Norse mythology, Valkyries travel between the human realm and the world of the gods. In early stories, they were sinister beings who oversaw armed conflicts and escorted the fallen to Valhalla, the great hall ruled by the god Odin. "Valkyrie" means "chooser of the slain."

    Over time, Valkyries transformed from dark angels into beautiful maidens. In addition to escorting fallen heroes, they helped train warriors and protected the men they liked, either by providing information or creating a shield around them as they fought. Some Valkyries resembled swan women; if seen without their feathers, they would be trapped in the human world.

  • Bronwyn Angels Inspire Creativity
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    Bronwyn Angels Inspire Creativity

    Bronwyn angels, with their ability to promote spiritual healing, cleanse auras, bring wealth, and banish evil, are well-rounded and powerful. Believers say Bronwyn angels may have inspired some of of the world's greatest works, including Michelangelo's fresco in the Sistine Chapel.

    They have a lifespan of 2,000 years, but if they are captured and placed in enchanted vessels, their lives can continue. Because they enjoy helping people make the most of their lives in return, the relationship between Bronwyn angels and humans is as beneficial as it is powerful.