Disney Jail Is Real, And It Is Surrounded By Mystery  

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Disneyland is easily one of the most fun places you can visit, no matter how old you are. The park is infinitely entertaining, as it's cloaked in an air of old-school mystery that blends perfectly with nostalgia. There are a lot of myths about Disneyland, but one of the most fascinating tales is the much debated existence of the Disney jail. Allegedly, a secret holding facility exists somewhere within the Disney park in Anaheim, CA. More than a few people have shared Disney jail stories, and some park employees even attempted to map out the jail's exact location, yet the higher ups at Disney are adamant that the whole thing is nothing more than baseless hearsay. If that's really true, then why did Disney spend $5 million dollars in 2014 to receive an increased police presence?

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Getting Naked Will Land You In Disney Jail

You probably already know that you shouldn't get naked in public, but if you happen to hang with a wild crew, please take this lesson to heart. According to a Mouse Planet user who goes by the name "mrscoach," their friend Barry attracted security's attention after he got naked on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

Midway through the ride, Barry took his clothes off and got in the water. Once there, he laid low until another boat came by, at which point he "sort of waved his arms around and did a kind of 'oogity boogity' dance." Unsurprisingly, he was soon nabbed by security, and brought "to Mickey Mouse jail." Once Barry sobered up, security escorted him out of the park and told him that he was banned for life. Allegedly, when Barry asked how they'd know if he returned, the security responded, "Oh, we'll know."

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An Ex-Employee Mapped Out The Jail's Secret Location

Most former Disney employees play coy when they're asked about the time they spent working for the Mouse, and few like to discuss the parks' rumored holding cells. However, Brian Bergström — who was an employee from 1987 until 1990 — is more than happy to give fans an inside look at Disney jail. 

Bergström writes that the cell is "about 10x10, painted white," and that it has "benches inside and mirrored windows" so the guards can keep an eye on their captives. During Bergström's tenure at the park, the jail was "located in the building behind the Opera House/Lincoln Theater on Main Street." He also provides some visual aides via Google Maps.

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Shoplifting Is A Surefire Way To End Up In Disney Jail

It's hard to get in trouble at the Happiest Place on Earth, but if you're really hoping to tour the fabled Disney Jail, one option is to try stealing something. It doesn't matter if it's a pair of Mickey ears, a Goofy t-shirt, or an "It's a Small World" mug, if you try to steal something from Disneyland, you will be arrested. 

The internet is filled with stories of people getting busted for shoplifting at Disney, dating back to to the '80s at Disney World in Orlando, FL. According to Redditor /u/cjasonac, "a couple of guys" who were at their senior night at Disney World in Orlando were caught shoplifting and were sent to "'jail.'" According to the shoplifters "it was basically a security office... nothing themed, no bars or locks... just a room where they made you sit until they could figure out what to do with you."

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Disney Refuses To Comment On Their Black Site Prison

Despite the rash of stories about the prison that Disney may or may not house deep within its bowels, the park rarely comments on the validity of the rumors, and when it does, representatives are uniformly dismissive. 

In 2015, Buzzfeed reached out to Disney to ask about the jail, and were told that the story was "misleading," and nothing more than a "wives' tale." That means it has to exist, right?