13 Things Most Fans Don't Know About Domino, Marvel's Coolest Mutant

You might know Domino as the name of a pizza chain or a boisterous form of gambling, but she's also an astoundingly underrated mutant hero. Played by Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2, the actor’s last name is appropriate. Domino is known to lay beats on a number of unfortunate individuals. She’s one of the most capable fighters in the entire Marvel universe, and she uses her luck-based powers to devastating effect. The frequent companion of Cable definitely knows how to unleash some pain, she's a perfect fit for the Deadpool sequel.

There's some interesting things to know about the introduction of Domino to Marvel comics. She (kind of) made her debut in New Mutants #98, the same issue Deadpool debuted in, but that wasn’t really her true introduction, for reasons that will be explained later. Her actual arrival came in X-Force #8In the interim, she’s spent time all over the Marvel universe, and it’s only fair that she is finally getting her shot on the silver screen.

Photo: Marvel Comics

  • She Was Born Of A Government Breeding Program Called Perfect Weapon

    Domino’s probability-altering powers come from being a mutant, but it is questionable whether or not they were altered in her childhood. See, Domino was born into a secretive government breeding program, known as the Perfect Weapon.

    This experiment sought to breed and train living weapons, and Domino was thought to be the only survivor. Her strange appearance (pale skin and black tattoo over her eye) comes from her time in the program. Eventually, the entire experiment was deemed a failure, and Domino’s biological mother had to smuggle her out to save her life.

  • She Had To Kill Her Mother To Save Her Brother

    Domino thought she was the only surviving member of the Perfect Weapon government breeding program, but she was wrong. Domino eventually encountered a young man named Lazarus, who sported similar powers and tattoos to her own.

    Lazarus turned out to be her brother, and the reunion also included a visit from Domino’s birth mother (who had since lost touch with reality and was trying to kill Lazarus). Domino was forced to kill her own mother to protect her brother, and she brought him to the same church that she was raised in. 

  • She Frequently Hooks Up With Cable

    Domino is a strong and independent mutant woman, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t closely associated with some male companions. Chief among these is Cable, her on-again, off-again lover. Over the years, Domino and Cable have found themselves on opposite sides of a conflict on multiple occasions, but they’re usually allies.

    Despite their wildly different personalities, the pair seem to rekindle their romance at every opportunity, sharing the kind of relationship that only two deadly, superpowered mercenaries really can. 

  • She Discovered The Identity Of The Red Hulk

    One of the most controversial mysteries in Marvel’s long history revolved around the identity of the Red Hulk. The bruising baddie went on quite a rampage, beating up the normal Hulk, Thor, and even the Watcher before fans had any idea who he really was.

    Domino, through sheer happenstance, was the first person to catch a glimpse of the Red Hulk transforming back into General Thunderbolt Ross. She nearly paid with her life for the intrusion, and had to get X-Force to back her up when Ross sent his own team of mercenaries to take her out.

  • She (Somehow) Got Busy With Colossus

    Just because Domino is primarily associated with Cable doesn’t mean that she's tied down to any one man. She’s had numerous other lovers over the years, including Wolverine (who sleeps with everyone), but her most notable non-Cable relationship was probably with Colossus.

    The two hooked up while serving on one of the X-Force iterations, and helped support each other when both were in a dark period of their lives. Their affair was fairly short but extremely passionate. Since both Colossus and Cable are featured with Domino in the Deadpool cinematic universe, there’s plenty of potential for drama moving forward.

  • She Was Raised In A Church, But Left To Become Mercenary

    After escaping the Perfect Weapon program, Domino’s biological mother had few options available. In order to keep her daughter safe, she left young Neena with a priest in a church, which was definitely a high-risk, high-reward scenario. It all worked out though, and the priest raised Domino from there on out.

    A youth spent mostly in a church would seem like a good way to raise a pacifist, but Domino’s time in the care of the government would prove too much to overcome. Her training kicked in, and Domino left the church to pursue a career as a mercenary, much to the chagrin of her adopted holy father.