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The US Has Four Doomsday Planes And The Government Doesn't Like Talking About Them

A quartet of winged nuclear war bunkers lies in wait for the worst. The crews call them "Air Force One When It Counts," and pilots refer to them as "doomsday planes" - the deadliest aircraft in the US military's arsenal that you have never heard of before.

Since the 1980s, the president has had this fleet of specially equipped aircraft known as the E-4B Nightwatch. The doomsday plane can launch land-and-sea-based nuclear ballistic missiles from the air, and it's the go-to mode of transport for the president in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, as the airship is reportedly more secure than Air Force One.

The plane might appear self-explanatory, but there is a myriad of unexpected things you don't know about the doomsday plane. It comes fashioned with an aerial command station designed to execute war plans of epic proportions. And it's titanic, weighing up to 800,000 pounds, featuring three decks and a supposedly retro interior. In other words, it's not your average airliner.