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12 People Who Have Gone To Insane Lengths To Get Their Kicks

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There are some pretty crazy people out there who are addicted to the next big thrill. They're people who live their life to the extreme, who are always pushing for new limits Whether they compete against others or themselves, they're constantly pushing their bodies in the most extreme settings. They are endurance runners, divers, skaters, and cyclists. Rest assured - whatever activity they take up, they've probably shattered some kind of record.

But what makes these people tick? What makes them get up in the morning and decide to put their lives on the line just to push themselves by engaging in dangerous sports? It depends on the person, but every single one of them has a sense of adventure that inspires us to strive for more. These are people who live their life to the extreme.Who are these extreme travelers? Check out the list below and find out. 

  • Yves Rossy Invented A Jetpack

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    Flying in a plane wasn't good enough for Yves Rossy. No, he wanted to fly like Superman - so he built a jetpack. Sometimes referred to as "Jetman," he developed what is essentially a jetpack equipped with seven-foot-long wings and four engines. the pack weighs a total of 120 pounds, but it does let you fly like a superhero. His dream to give everyone the ability to do so by making the packs lighter and more accessible. 

  • Herbert Nitsch Dives Up To 700 Feet With No Oxygen Packs

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    Known as the "deepest man on Earth," Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder. In 2007, he dove 214 meters (702 feet) with nothing more than the air in his lungs. He's trained himself to hold his breath for more than 9 minutes, a skill that has earned him a total of 33 world records.

    He first discovered his talent on a scuba diving trip with a friend. When they lost their equipment, they went snorkeling and Nitsch discovered he could dive a total of 32 meters. "By trying to see where your limits are, you are also pushing the limits. It's much more competing against yourself than competing with others."

  • Alex Honnold Feels No Fear - And Uses That To Freeclimb Dangerous Mountains

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    The greatest freeclimber the world has ever seen, Alex Honnold lives in a very different mental space than the rest of us. He climbs mountains without any kind of rope or protective equipment, which means that any fall can be his last. An MRI revealed the fear center of his brain, the amygdala, simply doesn't flare up when it's stimulated. When asked about all the fear stimulation he was put through, Honnold simply said "I was like, whatever."

  • Felix Baumgartner Broke The Sound Barrier

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    Felix began skydiving at 16 and by 1988, he was doing exhibitions for Red Bull. In the '90s he graduated to BASE jumping and broke 14 world records all over the globe. When he joined Red Bull's STRATOS project, Felix had one goal in mind: to become the first man to break the sound barrier in freefall. After successfully completing his objective, he toured the world speaking to people about achieving their dreams. He's also a helicopter pilot and race car driver. Talk about a thrill seeker.