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12 People Who Have Gone To Insane Lengths To Get Their Kicks

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There are some pretty crazy people out there who are addicted to the next big thrill. They're people who live their life to the extreme, who are always pushing for new limits Whether they compete against others or themselves, they're constantly pushing their bodies in the most extreme settings. They are endurance runners, divers, skaters, and cyclists. Rest assured - whatever activity they take up, they've probably shattered some kind of record.

But what makes these people tick? What makes them get up in the morning and decide to put their lives on the line just to push themselves by engaging in dangerous sports? It depends on the person, but every single one of them has a sense of adventure that inspires us to strive for more. These are people who live their life to the extreme.Who are these extreme travelers? Check out the list below and find out. 

  • Jeb Corliss Likes Jumping Off Tall Buildings

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    In his heart of hearts, flying was also Jeb Corliss's one true passion. As a kid he'd watch birds soar through the air and decided to follow in their wake. In the decades that followed, he became one of the world's leading BASE-jumpers and wingsuit pilots. He's jumped from several famous man-made structures including the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. He has been profiled by several prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Men's Journal, and Rolling Stone

  • Jeremy Jones Goes To Isolated Mountains To Ski Terrifying Terrains

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    Jones doesn't see snowboarding as a sport. Every time he mounts a board and shreds a mountain, he's creating a work of art. He spends, in total, about 80 days a year on his splitboard, preferring the solitude of isolated slopes to resorts. His favorite feeling in the world is that of barreling down a snowy hill, which reminds him of the joy he felt as a child sliding around in snow. 

  • Laird Hamilton Surfs The Biggest Waves In The World

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    A surfer, author, inventor, TV host, and father, Laird Hamilton has truly done it all. Hamilton is a surfer known for tackling some of the biggest waves in the world. He once rode a 70 foot wave and has surfed in some of the most dangerous locations in the world, including at Teahupuo'o Break in Tahiti. 

    He became an international fitness icon, he now consults with many of today's top athletes and celebrities. Along with a TV personality and the creator of Crossfit, Hamilton created XPT - a high intensity fitness program based in water workouts. Hamilton is driven by his desire to help others live healthy lives and does regularly charity work. 

  • Travis Pastrana Does Insane Tricks On Dirt Bikes Despite Multiple Injuries

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    With 13 X-Games Gold medals to his name, motorcyclist Travis Pastrana started racing bikes from an early age. At a time where he was surrounded by competition growing up, he felt like he couldn't keep up with boys in other sports. With bikes, however, he found his true calling. When he started racing bikes, he found ways to hate his competitors "I enjoy convincing myself that they beat up my grandma."

    Even after a terrible accident at 18, Travis started filming bike stunts with his friends. Before he knew it, he was being approached to create his own stunt shows, " I want to see something that's never been done."