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Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Life As The First Lady

First Ladies exist in a kind of political gray area. When you consider what it's like to be First Lady of the United States, you must remember that the position is not a political one. It is largely ceremonial and social in nature. With that said, First Ladies can wield enormous influence both inside and outside the White House. Spouses like Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton, for instance, took on the formal role of First Lady while also working on their own favored social causes and furthering their political goals and agendas. And then there's Nancy Reagan, who, in some circles, has long been thought of as a Machiavellian figure that served as the "brains" behind her husband's presidency.

However she chooses to fill her time, there are certain rules the First Lady must follow. These rules are mostly concerned with upholding a specific image of the First Lady as someone supportive of her husband while also passionate about the civic affairs of her country. As a result, the role of First Lady can sometimes be a balancing act between being involved, but not too involved, with issues that affect the presidency and, by extension, the nation.

Keep reading to discover some interesting facts and things you didn't know about the role of United States First Lady.