Weird History

From Captivity To Terrorism: The Unlikely Rise of a Legendary Pirate

Who was Francois L'Olonnais, you ask? Only the most ruthless and feared pirate to ever sail under the black flag. And given the overall brutality suffered during the Golden Age of Piracy, that is one hell of a claim. Born in France and sold into indentured servitude in the mid 17th century, his early sufferings led to a penchant for murder and thievery that quickly propelled him to the top of the criminal food chain. 

Over time, he evolved into the bane of the Caribbean, not to mention one of the most deadly pirates to ever sail the sea. He was a badass marauder who dominated age-old seafaring stories not because he was clever or sadistic or fearless or dashing, but because he was all of those things at once while still managing to pull in more booty than almost any other privateer in history. Nicknamed the "Flail of Spain" for the wild reactions of fear he provoked in others, his life as an adventurer bent on treasure, destruction, and revenge left a bloody scar on seafaring history and created a legend like no other. Badass stories about one of the most violent pirates in the world will leave you shivering in your boots.