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The Truth About Freemasons: History, Conspiracy, and Secret Symbols

You've seen their mysterious buildings, seen men coming and going, seen the strange symbols etched above the doorways. You've always associated Freemasonry with a sense of foreboding; Masons feel vaguely sinister in a way you can't quite explain, probably because you can't even explain what their organization is. "What do Freemasons do?" you've thought. "Who are the Freemasons?" Let's put it this way: when it comes to stories of conspiracies and secret organizations, don't believe the hype.

This list breaks down the essential facts about Freemasons: what they do, why they exist, what goes on in their meetings. Even the Freemasons' "secret" symbols are broken down. And in the end, unless you're afraid of gatherings of old white dudes, Masons are really nothing to fear. Keep reading these Freemason facts to find out what goes on behind closed doors.