The Insane Life Of The Punk Rocker Who Ate Feces And Beat People Up On Stage

Kevin Michael "GG" Allin's enduring rock 'n' roll legacy was built on his mythically extreme live performances. As the mercurial front man of bands including The Texas Nazis and The Murder Junkies, Allin did things on stage that ranged from disgustingly vile to outright illegal - the latter of which landed him in jail dozens of times.

Sometimes referred to as the "Madman of Manchester," Allin's exploits made him a legend in the world of punk rock, cementing his reputation as a rock star without equal when it came to what he - often quite literally - left on the stage. Allin was not without his controversies, though, having had several run-ins with the law. Some also labeled the singer a fraud, using shock value to cover up his sub-par music. Nonetheless, the man did some truly out-there things, both on and off the stage, that may leave you in a state of both awe and revulsion.