Fascinating Facts About Grace Kelly, The Movie Star Who Became A Princess

Who was Grace Kelly? She was an extremely gifted, enigmatic, and versatile actress who embodied the feminine ideals of the 1950s – beauty, elegance, and sophistication – in ways few thespians could match; and an unconventional royal whose real-life fairytale enchanted her fans. 

Born into a prominent Philadelphia family, Kelly rebelled against her genteel upbringing and disapproving parents and pursued a life on the stage and screen. Her luminous beauty and talents soon caught the eye of Los Angeles executives, and of actor Gary Cooper. By the early 1950s, Kelly was starring in Alfred Hitchcock thrillers and garnering Oscar acclaim. Her fame led to another opportunity: meeting Prince Rainier of Monaco. Sparks evidently flew, and Kelly married him in a deal that involved an unusual and very lavish dowry.

The star-turned-princess eventually died tragically in a car accident. But even though her life was brief, it was as fascinating and tumultuous as it was charmed. These facts about Grace Kelly's early years, wedding, and legacy just might change the image you have of America's most regal screen queen.