Everything We Know About Halloween (2018)

The 2018 Halloween reboot hit theaters on October 19, and both critics and longtime fans were thrilled with the sequel. Scriptwriters Danny McBride and David Gordon Green talked about rebooting the Halloween franchise for a few years, and they were vocal about the changes they eventually brought to the series.

The Halloween franchise has seen a lot of missteps, digressions, weird choices, and even straight up Halloween mistakes, but the 2018 reboot looked like an absolute barn burner of a film - and it was. The film received massive praise, along with the title of the highest grossing slasher film of all time. 

Go behind the scenes of Halloween 2018 to find out everything there is to know about what you can expect when you return yet again to Haddonfield, IL.

  • They Almost Recreated The Original Film's Ending

    During development of the 2018 sequel, a first draft of the script called for the recreation of the original ending of the 1978 classic. In the proposed opener, the famous Dr. Loomis gets killed by Michael Myers. Producer Ryan Turek spoke about the original script and said that director David Gorden Green wanted to "f*ck things up, man":

    The first scripted opening was a re-envisioning of the finale of Halloween. David wanted to f*ck things up, man. He wanted to just mix things up a little bit. So, initially, he had a scene in which we came in at the end of Halloween, and Loomis sees the screaming kids, comes inside, sees the struggle between Laurie and Michael. Michael puts his mask back on, Loomis shoots him, pushes Michael back through the doorway into the bedroom. Laurie is cowering on the ground, Loomis charges into the bedroom, where Michael gets the upper hand and jumps him. Loomis drops the gun and then Laurie is holding onto the gun, but she’s shaking so much she can’t actually pull the trigger.


  • They Released A Clip Of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers's Confrontation

    They Released A Clip Of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers's Confrontation
    Video: YouTube

    Universal and Blumhouse released a teaser of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) in a violent clash. Forty years after her first encounter with the serial killer,  Laurie has to protect her estranged daughter Karen (Judy Greer) from Myers. 

  • The Film Comes Out On October 19, 2018

    The Film Comes Out On October 19, 2018
    Photo: Universal

    Nearly 40 years to the day of the original Halloween's 1978 release, the David Gordon Green sequel is creeping into theaters on October 19, 2018. It's not just the release date that's similar to the first film.

    Jamie Lee Curtis told Entertainment Weekly the 2018 followup manages to capture the tone of John Carpenter's horror masterpiece. "It is everything that the first movie was. It's simple, it's terrifying," said Curtis. 

  • It's Written By Comedy Duo David Gordon Green And Danny McBride

    It's Written By Comedy Duo David Gordon Green And Danny McBride
    Photo: Universal

    Horror remakes, re-imaginings, and sequels are usually made by directors with a pedigree in the genre. The last time Halloween was remade, the honor went to Rob Zombie, which makes sense because he's a guy who makes a bunch of horror movies.

    This time around, Blumhouse tapped David Gordon Green to direct the film, and he wrote it with Danny McBride. These two are known for comedies (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down), but Green got his start making critically acclaimed indie films like George Washington and All The Real Girls

    To land the job, Green and McBride went to Blumhouse and John Carpenter with an idea for the film. John Carpenter said the duo, "blew me away. I might even do the music."

    Prior to reigniting Halloween, Green was working on the remake of Suspiria, so he's definitely keen to delve into the genre. 

  • John Carpenter Gave The Film His Blessing

    John Carpenter Gave The Film His Blessing
    Photo: Universal

    When it comes to Halloween remakes, fans need John Carpenter to give them the stamp of approval, as he's the visionary who started it all in 1978.

    For the 2018 sequel, Carpenter was brought on as executive producer before the script was even in production, and he's been involved all along the way. He told The Guardian, "Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween, I'm going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all."

    James Jude Courtney, one of the actors playing Michael Myers in the new Halloween, said Carpenter was gracious when he appeared on set and made sure he didn't hang around for too long and bother everyone. 

    Courtney continued, "He wanted to come in, give everybody his blessing, shake some hands, look in some people's eyes, have a few laughs, and move on. He was letting David and the Roughhouse/Blumhouse crew do what they do." 

  • Jamie Lee Curtis Once Again Plays Laurie Strode

    Jamie Lee Curtis Once Again Plays Laurie Strode
    Photo: Universal

    Jamie Lee Curtis's Laurie Strode has been in and out of the Halloween franchise for decades. She's at the center of the first two films, then reappears in H20 under an assumed name. This time around, she's hardened and ready for blood. 

    In Halloween 2018, Laurie's been prepping for Michael's return for the last 40 years. Her house is booby trapped, she's good with a rifle, and she looks prepared to throw down with any masked figure who crosses her.