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Inside The Lives Of Speidi, The Villainous Reality Show Couple That's Still Obsessed With Themselves

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The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are two of the most infamous reality villains of all time. The blonde baes morphed into "Speidi" and became enemies with Heidi's longtime BFF, fellow show star Lauren "LC" Conrad. They even spread rumors LC had a sex tape, and the whole show really became about the girls breaking up their best friendship so Heidi could date a total psychopath.

When the drama died down after the show's finale, stories about Speidi continued, dripping with their self-absorbed drama. The reality TV baddies starred in multiple follow-up series. Heidi got plastic surgery and released a few pop flop singles, while Spencer acted as her over-involved manager/hubby. They're still all about stardom, too, even starting a podcast in an effort to raise their profile. Spencer was named Complex's worst person in reality TV history in 2013 — probably not least of all for his healing crystal obsession and conspiratorial opinions — but thankfully, most other Hills stars have moved on. Heidi and Spencer are also parents to baby son Gunner, and he's already been introduced to social media.

  • Speidi Moved To Costa Rica On A Whim, But Discovered It Was Too Expensive


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    After The Hills was canceled in 2010, and after the supposed divorce proceedings started, Speidi left the country. Or rather, Heidi left and Spencer followed. Where did they decide to move? Costa Rica. But neither decided to look up prices of real estate there, which clearly wasn't a smart move. While Spencer tried to sell a sex tape of Heidi (with another woman!) they allegedly lived in a luxury hotel in Costa Rica for four months, getting room service for themselves and their pets every meal. Soon, they were bankrupt and Spencer was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm.

  • Speidi's Obsessed With Awful Political Conspiracies

    Speidi believes in some pretty outrageous conspiracy theories, and Spencer is pals with extremist radio host Alex Jones, to whom he confessed he believed September 11 was an "inside job" (in the same interview, Spencer denied the existence of global warming). 

    Heidi, in a discussion about the future potential of microchipping humans, said:

    "This is very serious. It says in the Bible this is the mark of the beast, and that is a sign of worshipping the Devil. So over my dead body would I ever get a chip in my body. My body belongs to Jesus Christ. I am a disciple of Jesus, and I will speak out to Christians… this chip is the end of humanity."

  • They Document Their Young Son's Every Move On Social Media


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    There's such a thing as being too proud of a parent, right? Speidi share pics and videos of baby Gunner Stone on all their social media platforms pretty much every day. In a Snapchat video, Spencer mused:

    “I used to be like, ‘Why do people put their babies on their content?’ Well, now I know. Because we’re obsessed with our babies. And if you don’t like it, you just click to the next story. So forgive me, anyone in the past, that I judged for putting baby content in your story.”

  • A LEGO Portrait Of Their Book Takes Pride Of Place In Their House

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    Speidi wrote a book together called How to Be Famous. No need to wonder what it is about; you can literally judge this book by its cover. When a Complex reporter entered the dubious duo's house, the first thing they saw was a LEGO rendering of their book cover. It's right in their stairwell, stark against the white walls. Although the tome wasn't particularly successful, Spencer told People it was "best-selling in my heart."