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14 Golden Facts About Your Delightful Pee

When you're splashing pee on yourself, the last thing on your mind is whether there are health benefit to a piss soak. That is, unless you've heard some prevalent myths about pee, which propagate the notion that urine is an acceptable substitute to medical care in some instances. But is urine sterile? Can human pee help jellyfish stings? Or is this a idiotic nonsense proliferated by urban legends and pseudo science about a base bodily fluid? Drink a big glass of water while you explore these pee facts and contemplate how long it would take for you to feel clean again after a golden shower (unless you use golden showers to get clean).

If you dive deep enough into the world of natural medicine you’ll come to find a group of people with a fervent belief that urine can cure just about anything because it’s from your body. Cancer? Check. Blood disease? No problem. Could it be true something your body makes, and is so readily available, is a cure all for any ailment you can imagine, or is such golden thinking wishful? Obviously, you have to keep reading to find out, but if drinking your own urine cured cancer, you’d probably have heard about it by now, and would finish off a hard day with a nice warm cup of pee (pee always comes after things get really hard, right?).

If you aren’t already grossed out, continue reading to learn some surprising facts about your own pee.