Unspeakable Times

The Disturbing Case Of Tsutomu Miyazaki, "The Little Girl Murderer"  

Mel Judson
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Over the course of 10 months, Tsutomu Miyazaki terrorized the people of Tokyo by abducting and killing the most innocent of victims, causing him to be called "The Little Girl Murderer" by the press. After taking the lives of young girls, he tormented the families of the children by sending them disturbing packages designed to heighten their already excruciating grief.

When Miyazaki was finally apprehended, the contents of his tiny bedroom horrified the police and sparked heated debates about the impact violent films and television shows may have on Japanese children and adults. When the Japanese serial killer finally stood trial for his crimes, he further shocked the nation with his callous attitude and bizarre claims, making Miyazaki one of the most disturbing murderers the nation had ever seen.

He Kidnapped And Murdered Four Young Girls

Just three months after the death of his grandfather, Tsutomu Miyazaki committed his first of four murders on August 22, 1988, when he abducted Mari Konno, a four-year-old girl who was playing with a friend. After kidnapping Konno, he drove to a wooded area and strangled the child to death.

Less than two months later, 26-year-old Miyazaki killed his next victim, Masami Yoshizawa, a 7-year-old girl he abducted and took to the same place where he had strangled Konno to death. On December 12, 1988, he kidnapped another young girl, 4-year-old Erika Nanba, drove to a parking lot, and murdered the child in his car. The following year on June 6, 1989, he killed his final victim, Ayako Nomoto, 5, a child he lured into his vehicle and strangled to death.

He Cannibalized One Of His Victims And Drank Her Blood

After murdering and dismembering his last victim, Ayako Nomoto, Tsutomu Miyazaki ate some of the young girl’s flesh and drank some of the five-year-old’s blood, echoing his earlier practice of eating his grandfather’s ashes after the elderly man died.

While Miyazaki didn’t admit to cannibalizing any of his other victims, it’s unlikely he would have stopped this horrifying practice after indulging in it with Nomoto.

He Was A Necrophiliac

As if strangling the life out of his young victims wasn’t disturbing enough, Tsutomu Miyazaki also molested and raped the girls after, and sometimes before, murdering them, making him a particularly disturbed pedophile, rapist, and necrophiliac.

According to a classmate of Miyazaki, the killer had exhibited abnormal sexual behavior for years prior to the murders, which included secretly photographing young girls at sporting events, reportedly as a result of insecurities about his genitalia. This prohibited him from pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with his peers.

He Dismembered Some Of His Victims And Kept Their Remains In His Bedroom

After killing Mari Konno, Tsutomu Miyazaki dumped the child’s corpse on a hillside near his home, but he returned to the site five months later and dismembered the 4-year-old’s body. Then, he brought the girl’s remains back to this home, and he stored the child’s feet and hands in his closet, along with her clothing, burning the rest of her body in a furnace and turning the ashes into a fine powder.

After strangling his final victim, Ayako Nomoto and taking videos and photos of the girl’s corpse, Miyazaki also dismembered the five-year-old’s body. Initially, he dumped the child’s remains in two different locations. However, he became concerned that someone might discover the pieces of Nomoto’s body, so he retrieved them two weeks later and hid them in his home.