17 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Lawrence

All fans know that beloved celeb Jennifer Lawrence, loves to swear, eats fast food, and of course, falls a lot. But there are plenty of things you don't know about Jennifer Lawrence. She's proven her talents in big-screen hits and critically-acclaimed indie movies, but where did the not-so-Hollywood Hollywood star come from?

Jennifer Lawrence was born in Kentucky in 1990, and right away seemed destined for stardom. She moved to Los Angeles in her teens to pursue acting. Anyone who knows their Jennifer Lawrence facts can tell you what happened next: she appeared in several television shows, and gradually worked her way into the film industry. From there, her career really took off.

The J. Law biography gets way more interesting when you look past the accolades. Did you know that the actress supposedly rejected Prince Harry, or that she was almost Bella ain Twilight? These facts you didn't know about Jennifer Lawrence will give you even more insight into one of the most quirky and unique A-listers working today.