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Things You Didn't Know About John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. He has a unique range and has appeared in thrilling dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, and even a few musical productions. Reilly's exceptional talents have been noticed by fans and critics alike, as he has been nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globes, and even a Grammy.

In spite of such an accomplished career, John C. Reilly facts are generally unknown to the greater public. Fans might be surprised to learn about his romantic nature, eclectic musical talents, and attention to the treatment of animals - especially in the film industry.

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    He's A Huge Blues Fan And Has His Own Bluegrass Band

    In addition to his love of acting, Reilly also has a strong passion for music. He has a particular affinity for the blues and has collaborated with Jack White on both covers and original tracks.

    Reilly is part of the music group John Reilly & Friends, which has performed across America. As lead vocalist and a keen guitar player, Reilly has been praised for his musicianship and technical competence when it comes to performing bluegrass. 

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    He Once Quit A Role In Protest Of A Mistreated Donkey

    In 2004, Reilly was slated to appear in ManderlayHe left the Lars von Trier project when a donkey perished on set. In the film, the characters were required to slay the animal for food. Filmmakers utilized a live donkey to make the scene more genuine. 

    The filmmakers argued the donkey - who was allegedly old and sick - was treated humanely in its final hours, but Reilly disapproved and left in protest. Zeljko Ivanek replaced him.

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    He's A Romantic In Touch With His Feminine Side

    Reilly says he is very in touch with his feminine energy, even though he calls himself a "hulking Irish galoot." He told the Guardian, "At the core of everything that's wrong with the world - everything that's imbalanced and every conflict - is an inability to balance between male and female energies." 

    Reilly is also is a bit of a romantic and defines romanticism as the act of appreciating the "beautiful essence of things." 

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    He Sometimes Has 'Graphic' Dreams About Co-Workers

    Reilly confessed to Elle that, on occasion, he has intense dreams about his colleagues. The dreams are often of the adult variety, and - although he confirmed that he hasn’t dreamed about Will Ferrell - he says Parker Posey showed up once.

    Of these racy and "graphic" dreams, Reilly explains further about frequency: 

    It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's always extremely graphic, and about someone I'm working with. They can seem so real that I've woken up before with my heart racing, feeling like, "Oh, my God! I'm in trouble with my wife!" And then slowly I'll realize, "It's okay, that was just a dream."