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The Voice Of Marge Simpson: Things You Didn't Know About Julie Kavner

Updated 26 Mar 2019 5.0k views12 items

Her voice is one of the most recognizable in pop culture. However, the woman responsible for beloved Simpsons character Marge tends to stay out of the spotlight. Facts about Julie Kavner give fans a fuller picture of her talents, though. Yes, Kavner voices the blue-haired, hilarious Simpson family matriarch, but she has an award-winning acting career separate from her voiceover work. She's a creative force of nature.

Kavner was born in Los Angeles, CA on September 7, 1950. She graduated from Beverly Hills High School and got her degree in drama from San Diego State University. An unsuccessful audition for The Mary Tyler Moore Show led to her career breakthrough in 1974 – and the rest is entertainment history.

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