Unspeakable Times

11 Grisly Details About Kendall Francois, An Unrepentant Serial Killer

Serial killer Kendall Francois is known for having killed eight women - all of them prostitutes - over a two-year period, stashing their bodies in his house in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1998, he was initially arrested for his attack on Christina Sala, but when authorities entered his house with a search warrant, they found bodies hidden in the attic and basement. He had strangled most of his victims, although one had been drowned. 

Serial killer Kendall Francois was convicted of eight murders and received life in prison. While on the stand, testifying in his own defense, he said “I could have kept going, it would have gone on and gone on, and they never would have found a thing.” He also showed no remorse while the victims' families read their statements. 

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