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11 Grisly Details About Kendall Francois, An Unrepentant Serial Killer 

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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Serial killer Kendall Francois is known for having killed eight women - all of them prostitutes - over a two-year period, stashing their bodies in his house in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1998, he was initially arrested for his attack on Christina Sala, but when authorities entered his house with a search warrant, they found bodies hidden in the attic and basement. He had strangled most of his victims, although one had been drowned. 

Serial killer Kendall Francois was convicted of eight murders and received life in prison. While on the stand, testifying in his own defense, he said “I could have kept going, it would have gone on and gone on, and they never would have found a thing.” He also showed no remorse while the victims' families read their statements. 

Read on to find out more grisly details about serial killer Kendall Francois.

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He Preyed On Prostitutes And Killed Eight In Two Years

The official tally of Kendall Francois' victims stands at eight. They are: Wendy Meyers, Gina Barone, Kathleen Hurley, Catherine Marsh, Michelle Eason, Mary Healey Giaccone, and Sandra Jean French. They all ranged in age from their mid 20s to early 50s, and all but one of them had been arrested for prostitution in the past. All of them were known to be battling drug addictions.

Like most serial killers, Francois preyed on a group of women who were known for their instability and who wouldn't be reported missing right away, if at all. He killed all of them between 1996 and 1998, only stopping because he was caught. 

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He Kept His Victims' Bodies In A Basement Crawl Space

Kendall Francois stashed his victim's bodies all over the house that he shared with his parents - some in the attic, and others in the basement crawl space, not far from where his father spent his free time relaxing.

When authorities arrived with a search warrant, they were greatly disturbed by the extreme amount of decayed human remains that they discovered. One officer reportedly ruined more than one pair of boots, due to the amount of human "sludge."

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He Stashed Human Skulls In A Kids Swimming Pool

Not only did Kendall Francois keep his victim's bodies in the attic and basement of his house, but after they decayed he placed their skulls in a plastic kiddie pool that he kept in his attic. Most serial killers keep trophies - in some cases they are human organs, in others, they are dates on a piece of paper. Some keep wallets and other belongings.

In the case of Francois, he kept the entire body, although the separation of the skulls may indicate that those are his trophies. 

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He Lived With His Parents - Who Never Noticed The Dead Bodies Piling Up

One of the most disturbing things about the Kendall Francois case is the fact that he lived in the same house as his parents and his sister - the same house where he brought and killed prostitutes before stashing their bodies in the attic and basement. He claimed that he told his family that there was a dead raccoon lost somewhere in the house, and that's what was causing the smell.

His mother worked as a counselor for the mentally ill, and his sister was going to college for family studies. The house was also reportedly a mess, complete with maggots in the sink, syringes everywhere, and other items left all over the floor. The really ironic part is that the house was located very close to upscale Vassar College.