Inside The Hedonistic, Ultra-Secret Club For 'New York's Sexual Elite'

Eyes Wide Shut may just be a movie, but elite erotic parties like the ones depicted in the movie are a real thing. Killing Kittens (KK) - a name that derives from a joke that every time a person pleasures him or herself, a kitten expires - offers parties that take place around the world, but they're not for everyone. Styled for the upper echelons of society, KK parties are exclusive and private with a steep price tag and a choice guest list.

Sexual practices aren't set in stone, and one of the latest developments in the ever-changing sexual landscape of society is the KK party. Not too far removed from clubs for couples who like to swap and open-marriage arrangements, KK offer an outlet for women to pursue pleasure by following a few simple rules. KK party stories are rife with intrigue, hedonism, and even a few giggles. To find your nearest KK party, look no further than NYC, London, Sydney, and lots of cities in between. 

  • Killing Kittens Has Some High-Profile Members

    KK, which has 10,000 regular party participants to date (with 43,000 members using their website in 2015) offers secret and freaky parties to celebrities, politicians, decision-makers, and the "rich and beautiful." 

    According to Gwyneth Romein, a 46-year-old who works in consulting, members include "A-list actors, British aristocrats, sports owners, and [another member who's] name is on multiple buildings in New York [...] he's from a well-known family in banking, shall I say."

  • Single Women Get In Free, Single Men Aren't Allowed

    The idea behind KK parties is that women are in control. As a result, single women get in free (although there are some parties where women pay), but men must be accompanied by women to get in. Couples can buy tickets - they're about $300 - but even then, men aren't allowed to approach someone at the party that they don't know. 

    Women, on the other hand, can approach anyone they want to at any time. The gender ratio may be skewed in terms of numbers and engagement with these rules, but according to founder Emma Sayle, "it's a lot more titillating."

  • You Have To Provide A Photo Before You're Allowed To Attend To Prove You're Attractive Enough

    KK parties are for the beautiful and the elite. To be invited, people have to prove they're up to the occasion with a picture selling their goods. According to Sayles

    It's not a case of everyone being supermodel quality. It's nice-looking people taking care of themselves [...] for example, we might get someone who is a size 14 or 16 US size and they're massive, and they send us a photo and they might be in some bondage gear, and you just say, 'No, that's not a pretty sight.' We have members who want a certain look and expect a certain standard, so that's what we need to provide.

  • Masks Are Required, Phones Aren't Allowed, And Showers Are Provided

    For the parties, women are supposed to wear cute and sexy clothes while men are expected to wear suits and, well, condoms. Condoms are provided sometimes too. Showers and clean-up facilities are available for all of the sweat and other fluids that may fly.  

    To keep it interesting, everyone is expected to arrive wearing a mask and, according to the rules, no phones or cameras are allowed. At some of the parties, masks may get thrown off quite early, however, and you may "see most peoples' faces twenty minutes after they entered."


  • The Location Is Revealed On The Day Of The Event, Via Text

    When people sign up for a KK party, they need to make sure they have their phone close on the day of the event.  A text message announcing the location of the party is sent only hours before the party. 

    Once at the party location, attendees have to sign a non-disclosure agreement - which "talked about celebrity sightings, detailed the photo restrictions, and used the word 'anus' a lot" - and then the fun begins.

  • The Parties Are Themed And Can Take Place Almost Anywhere

    There are several kinds of KK parties offered, including Cabarets, Silvers [for the older set], Brazilian Carnivale, and Wild and Wet Adventure. Parties can take place anywhere, but they usually happen on yachts, at apartments, and at private homes. Romein recalled a party she had at her house in London:

    We had a bed and there were these two gorgeous silver foxes and this black girl whose legs went to Tokyo, and she was just demanding everything from them [...] it's complete carnage. It's like a buffet.

    At one loft, the space was "split into two rooms - one of which was dimly lit and outfitted with two black-sheeted beds pushed together with a spectator ring of couches and chairs." For a touch of practical decor, "[c]ondoms filled two Nat Sherman wooden cigar boxes."