Graveyard Shift

A Guide To Loa, The Voodoo Spirits And How They Can Get You What You Want

Voodoo may bring to mind pinned dolls, horrible voodoo curses, and headless chickens, but it is actually a very rich religion and way of life that includes many types of loa voodoo spirits. Loa are the voodoo spirits called upon by practitioners in order to make a request, whether it's to improve one's romantic life or heal a loved one's sickness. Since each loa is responsible for a different aspect of life, there are hundreds of these spirits and each has their own veve symbol used to invoke them.

Loa legends like Papa Legba and Baron Samedi, or creations based on them, are often used as characters in movies, comics, and television. Unfortunately, these recreations are usually caricatures and often give voodoo the reputation of being creepy and evil. Misunderstood facts about loa sometimes make the things loa can do seem dark and scary, but there are many loa spirits who are benevolent. There are those who represent love, romance, and fertility in addition to death and war. You may already be familiar with the top hat wearing, skull-faced Baron Samedi, but these other loa spirits are just as important.