Facts About The Making Of 'Paranormal Activity' Most People Don't Know About

What happened with the 2009 horror movie Paranormal Activity was a once in a lifetime experience. Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli possessed no film experience, but he had a good idea for a movie. Peli came up with $15,000 and got his buddies to help film the horror movie at his house on a home video camera. Somehow, someway, his $15K movie made almost $200 million worldwide.

Peli is an Israeli-born software designer. While his debut behind the camera (and as a screenwriter) produced a solid outline for a horror film, he can thank a lot of Paranormal Activity’s success to a viral marketing campaign. His story - a young couple move into their first house together only to become convinced their bedroom is haunted by a demonic presence - hit audiences where they feel the most vulnerable: their sleep.

What the couple finds when they set up a camera to record the room while they sleep made viewers scream. It was a dream come true for both its freshman filmmaker and the studios that backed the project, and there are some amazing behind-the-scenes facts about Paranormal Activity.