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12 Facts About Soviet Serial Killer Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, AKA 'Metal Fang'  

Cat McAuliffe
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From 1979 to 1981, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (nicknamed Metal Fang by the press) brutally murdered at least seven young women in his home country of Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union, the nation that is known today as Kazakhstan. Unlike Alexander Pichushkin, who killed mostly men, Dzhumagaliev targeted women to rape, kill, and even cannibalize. Over the course of just two years, Dzhumagaliev took the lives of several victims, making him one of the world's most notorious Soviet serial killers

While his manner of killing was particularly gruesome, the acts he subjected his victims to after death are what make Dzhumagaliev one of the Soviet Union's most disturbing murderers. Incredibly, this confessed Kazakh serial killer might not even be in custody today. Dzhumagaliev could actually be free at this very moment, hunting for his latest victim somewhere in Kazahkstan, Russia, or beyond. So, lock your doors before you read on to uncover some grisly facts about Dzhumagaliev and his sickening methods of murder. 

He Murdered Several Women
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Over the course of two years, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev murdered at least seven women, killing his first victim in January 1979 when he was 27 years old. He attacked his first victim while she was walking alone in an isolated area. After choking the young woman with his arm, Dzhumagaliev dragged her to a landfill and killed her by slitting her throat with a knife. He murdered many of his other victims near the riverfront in a public park after he lured them to a secluded area and hacked them to death with an axe.

He Raped His Victims
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Dzhumagaliev raped his victims, reportedly before killing them and even after they were dead, making him a necrophiliac. According to Dzhumagaliev, he enjoyed the process of finding his victims, which he referred to as "hunting a woman." In addition to raping his victims vaginally before and after killing them, Dzhumagaliev allegedly used his penis to penetrate the stab wounds he inflicted on young women with his knife. Incredibly, raping his victims' wounds wasn't even the most disturbing act Dzhumagaliev subjected his victims to after murdering them.

He Mutilated And Cannibalized His Victims
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After murdering his victims by stabbing them to death with a knife or attacking them with an axe, Dzhumagaliev dismembered their corpses. According to Dzhumagaliev, he removed his first victim's ovaries and cut her breasts into strips, which he placed in his backpack and took back to his home. Dzhumagaliev also said that at the scene of his first murder, he drank the young woman's blood after slitting her throat.

The confessed serial killer told the authorities that he melted his victims' flesh to create fat that he used to fry his food and also claimed he made dumplings filled with human flesh he'd put through a meat grinder. According to Dzhumagaliev, it took him a month to eat all of the flesh he'd taken from just one of his victims' bodies.

He May Have Fed His Victims' Flesh To Other People
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According to some reports, Dzhumagaliev didn't keep the flesh from his victims all to himself. Allegedly, Dzhumagaliev used his victims' body parts to make ethnic dishes like "manty," a traditional type of Mongolian dumpling. Then, Dzhumagaliev served these meals to his dinner guests, watching as they unknowingly feasted on human flesh. However, after Dzhumagaliev was captured, he denied making his friends unwitting cannibals, stating: "I saved the meat for myself; I never served it to anyone else."